Dalmatia is a region that extends from the island of Pag and River Zrmanja in the north to Konavle and Cape Oštro in the south. It was named after the Illyrian tribe Delmata that inhabited the area between the rivers of Krka and Cetina in the 1st century AD. This area is a part of the central Dalmatia that we recommend for your vacation with its following treasures :

   1. Diocletian’s Palace

            dioakletianpalast-505499_1920Split is the center of Dalmatia and the starting point for trips and visits to the surrounding areas. The palace, which was built by the Roman emperor Diocletian as his residence in early 4th century, is the largest and best preserved late antique palace in the world that is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Go back to the era of Roman gladiators and roman parties and take a whiff of the past.

  2. Islands as diamond pendants on a beautiful necklace

            Brac, Hvar, Solta, Vis and Čiovo are from ,a half an hour to two-hour ferry ride away from Split. Ideal for day trips, sailing to their bays and islands,  sightseeing tour of  natural beauty and a historical heritage, 2300 years old.They also offer you a possibility to enjoy local culinary delicacies All of these reasonswill make sure that you visit them again

3. Hospitality and heartiness of people from the Dalmatian hinterland

            Country of stone and rubble, seemingly hard and harsh, hides an incredibly likable, sincere, humorous, but above all friendly people. In its taverns they will welcome you with a traditional dish arambašić and excellent wine. In August during the Alka game and Feast of the Assumption they will show you their bravery, pride and values that never die. Come and enrich yourself!

4. Beautiful sea and beaches with blue flags

            croatia-1171776_1280Croatian part of the Adriatic Sea in recent years was declared as one of the cleanest seas in Europe. The crystal clear waters, through which you can see even the shadow of a boat on the surface, afforded blue flags for many of the beaches:. For example in Split the ones with a blue flag are Bacvice Beach, Bene and Trstenik in front of Hotel Radisson Blu, in Hvar Camp Vira beach and Great Beach of Hotel Amphora, Punta beach in Omis, Nikolina in Baska Voda on the Makarska Riviera … Come and you will see that there are many more on our coast!

5. Superior delicacies and varied gastronomy

            prosciutto-1163155_1920Blue and white fish just taken from the sea, tomatoes, salad, seasonal fruit, vegetables and spices freshly-picked from a God-given fertile land. You will not find the wealth of fresh ingredients as in Dalmatia! Due to historical changes, this place is rich in foreign culinary influences. What our gastronomy makes unique is the love for food and the preparation of it: on the plate, therefore, you will have tastes, smells and a dose of generosity, joy and parts of our soul!

6. Cultural events

            Throughout the summer, almost in every small place on the island or in a large town on the coast, you can attend a fisherman’s evening, festival of traditional folk songs, the celebration of the patron saint, theater performances and film screenings as part of the cultural summer. You just have to choose what you want, sit down and enjoy.

7. A rich night life

            Any major beach has its own beach bar that will get you up from  the chair and keep you dancing until the early morning hours with the resident DJ. There is also an indispensable Ultra Electronic Music Festival which is held every year in Split. Known discos such as Carpe Diem in Hvar, Faces in Bol on Brač, Peter Pan in Makarska are hosts of world famous DJs, as well as local music stars.

8. Historical and cultural heritage

           Ložišće Brač Beside already mentioned Palace, in the surroundings of Split, you can admire the remains of past times and masterpieces of our painters and sculptors: the archaeological remains of ancient Salona in Solin, a town-museum in Trogir, the island of Brac almost all made of stone-masonry works, many cathedrals and churches that are talking about the history of the whole place … Come for a longer time because there are so many other values of this kind.

9. Relaxed, cheerful and witty people

            Dalmatians, especially the people of Split, are known as relaxed, phlegmatic people always ready for a joke, fun and hedonistic pleasures, but also good hosts who will prepare a memorable vacation for  their guests. Whatever you need, they are ready to help and answer any question you have.

10. Suitable weather

            In addition to natural beauty, we have also a favorable climate. Winters are mild and rainy and summers are hot and dry. Hvar is known as the sunniest island in the Adriatic with 2783 hours of sunshine a year! Other areas are also full of sun, this source of life that complements the perfect stay in central Dalmatia.

            P.S.: As an inveterate fan of football, Dalmatians are cheering for Hajduk Split, club of long tradition and with the best group of supporters in Croatia, Torcida. Love to appoint you that, because, trust us; you do not want to mention its rival Dinamo Zagreb at this positively crazy place! 😉

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