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Preparation has already started for Christmas in Croatia and all around, town centres have started to decorate with traditional Christmas trees and bright, beautiful lights. Like many towns across the world, there are Christmas markets and fairs set up across Croatia offering homemade and unique presents for your loved ones.

Whilst the tourism trade is quiet at this time of year, many people travel through Croatia and can take advantage of the unique Christmas and New Year traditions that take place.

The Salaj Family

Sixteen years ago, the Salaj family started to decorate their home for Christmas. Year on year their decorations have grown until it became a national delight that people would travel far and wide to visit. This year, they have over 2.6 million lights across their lands and open their home for people to visit their creation. Whilst it started as a beautiful light show, it has transformed into a true Winter Wonderland complete with ice skating rink, bar offering mulled wine and spiced tea and firework shows for you to enjoy.

Salajland can be found in the Grabovnica village and is open 4-9pm.

Zagreb Christmas Market

Christmas Markets are always a popular thing for tourists to visit all through Europe, but Zagreb is an up and coming destination in winter time for the amazing transformation that takes place in this already beautiful town. Known as the Zagreb Advent, the cobbled streets and bustling centre are transformed in their own unique way making sure there is something for everyone. If you want mulled wine and Christmas carols, then the Main Square is where you want to be. If you’re looking for a more unique take on the Christmas markets with DJ’s playing through Christmas to New Year then European Square should be your first stop.

Advent in Zagreb takes place from early December right through to January.

People sliding in ice park

© Zagreb Tourist Info – J. Duval

Dubrovnik Winter Festival

The Dubrovnik Winter Festival begins in November and continues through to January, lighting this beautiful town up for winter. The sites that are so popular in summer, such as the city walls, are seen in a totally different light in the crisp winter air. Whilst it is busy, it is not full of typical summer tourists.

The Winter Festival brings stalls of treats and souvenirs to the cobbled streets of Dubrovnik. Music and entertainment are present throughout the city, with a big traditional concert to celebrate the New Year.

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