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If you decide to vacation in Croatia there are numerous Croatian destinations to choose from. Chances are that you have chosen a vacation at sea or in the Dalmatian hinterland. But, where exactly to go? First you need to choose among the coast and islands. Ask yourself if you want a popular destination, crowds and nightlife, easy access to different islands and coast, seclusion, tranquility and meditation, sports activities, proximity and an active tour of the natural beauties and national parks or something completely different.

Dubrovnik and Split will give you the most if you enjoy the architectural and historical beauties, but Sibenik, Zadar, Makarska and the whole of Istria also have a lot to offer. At the same time, all cities have a rich cultural and entertainment life.

If you crave complete rest, peace and tranquility, your choice should be the Dalmatian hinterland or one of the islands. You can find villas that will give you the ultimate in comfort and pleasure, while being completely isolated and secluded, providing a true Robinson feel.

Each island has its own special charm and beauty. So, for example, Brac has many arranged bike paths and Hvar has trendy crowd and a lot of fun. But just about every island has plenty of hidden coves and beaches and beautiful and clear blue-turquoise sea. No matter which one of destinations in Croatia you choose, you will not go wrong.



Hvar Island

Hvar Island has a rich and long history with tourism and is often rated as one of the most beautiful islands in the Adriatic.


Brac Island

With a rich heritage and stunning natural beauty, Brač has a lot to offer to its visitors as the largest island in Dalmatia.


Dubrovnik Riviera

“Those who seek paradise on Earth should come to Dubrovnik – George Bernard Shaw



Makarska Riviera

A beautiful Adriatic city that truly represents Croatian culture and heritage.


Split Riviera

Split is a shining jewel in the necklace of Dalmatia.


Šibenik Riviera

Every architectural delight and cultured street tells the story of this historic city.

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