Orvas is filling up my villa Andora on Brač with guests from all over Europe.

Orvas makes money for me and saves my time – this is the most frequently heard comment of owners of luxury villas and gulets on the Adriatic that have decided to collaborate with Orvas. This claim has almost become a motto for our many satisfied partners, among them are Miel Gerritse and his wife Suzanne Panduric, owners of the luxury villa Andora on the island of Brač, who described their satisfaction as follows:

– We are very happy with my collaboration with Orvas. In their work, the Orvas team applies an approach that manages to be both professional and friendly.  When we work with Orvas, we feel all of the benefits of the broad range of services that the company offers, which includes a network of agents throughout Europe. This is what, after all, ensures that accommodation is booked to capacity.

Orvas is an agency that specializes in elite tourism in several segments and boasts a wealth of experience that has been gained in Croatia and expanded to other countries in Europe. The company’s headquarters at the ACI marina in Split have practically become a site of pilgrimage for current and potential partners, who have entrusted the Orvas team with their poolside villas and luxury yachts. The interest in Orvas’s know-how has particularly been booming as of recent, as the Croatian tourism scene is getting slightly fidgety about certain lagging markets returning to the scene and demanding their own slice of the pie.

Compliments are always pleasing to the ear and this, naturally, also applies to Miel’s generous praise. A satisfied partner is the best confirmation of a job well done, and in this case, these stellar results were achieved through quality mutual cooperation, which never could have come to fruition without the first-class tourist product that Miel and his wife Suzanne have created on the island of Brač.


Unimposing luxury is perhaps the simplest and best way to describe Andora. In a certain manner, this jewel ensconced in a pristine natural environment and boasting stunning views of the open sea also reflects the story of Brač stone.   Just like Miel managed to create his very own slice of paradise in the middle of this haven of nature, thus also the great Renaissance sculptors Giorgio da Sebenico and Nicolas of Florence, together with the 20th-century great Ivan Meštrović, used Brač stone to create their own world-class masterpieces. However, perhaps it’s best to let the owners describe their villa in their own words.

– Our villa offers views that are truly breathtaking, without any other houses or buildings in the way. All you can see before you is the lush vegetation and sea. Our villa is located at the end of the charming village of Selca, where all structures are made from locally sourced white stone. Also worth mentioning is the fact that this is the place where the first monument dedicated to the celebrated Russian writer Leo Tolstoy was erected, says Miel Gerritse while Suzzane Panduric adding:

– In building our dream home, the goal was to tick all the boxes for creating the perfect place for a relaxing vacation. Andora offers all of the amenities you need for a simple yet comfortable stay, and it has been furnished with high-quality and cosy furniture. Our love for modern design is readily apparent, as is our love for antiques. As our villa is located at the end of a path, this means that it is virtually free of all traffic. The next-door neighbours are quite far away, which means that you will be able to spend a tranquil vacation free of any noise or hassle from the part of the local population or tourists. Privacy is absolutely guaranteed! Andora is also very capacious, so even if you bring an entire group with you, you’ll still be able to find a corner where you can enjoy some peace and quiet.

As an agency, it is a true pleasure to be able to offer this kind of product on the market. Superior-quality accommodation facilities and watercraft have been the focus of Orvas since 2003, and we have been renting them to customers with a high purchasing power for nearly half a year.

– When we’re talking about the island of Brač specifically, our villas are booked to capacity for up to 150 days a year, says Ema Škabar, the commercial director of Orvas.


The story of paradise at the end of the road does not end here. The island of Brač itself is, just like all other Croatian islands, a truly picturesque location, a place that boasts a rich cultural and historical heritage and features all the amenities you need to feel at one with nature, such as cycling trails and idyllic promenades that will take you from Villa Andora to the closest beach. The fitter among us can also hop on a ferry and, via Sumartin, reach Makarska, which is where the ascent to Biokovo mountain and the second highest peak in Croatia, Sv. Jure (1762m), begins.

– Brač is an island of truly breathtaking and pristine natural beauty. Selca is also a particularly appealing vacation spot as this is a village that is still somewhat off the beaten bath. Its rich heritage that dates back to prehistoric times, high-quality accommodation services and the hospitality of its locals guarantee you a vacation that you’re bound not to forget that soon, says our partner from the Netherlands.

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