facebook Staycation: 5 Ways to Enjoy Your Croatia Vacation at Home

These days, probably more than ever, you can hear a term staycation all around you. But what is it about, anyway? No worries, we will hook you up! Simplest said staycation means spending your holiday in one’s home country instead of traveling abroad. At first glance, it does not feel so tempting, doesn’t it? Before you decide to close this post, allows us to convince you otherwise.

Is there even a better feeling than to change your everyday routine, book a flight, pick a hotel, and head out on a stress-free vacation? Let’s be straight, a holiday in Croatia sounds perfect, right!

By most of us, the idea of vacation implies traveling into another country, planning your itinerary, organizing your days by the pre-planned activities, taking dozens of pictures… and in most times, getting back home needing a vacation from your vacation.

This time, we will present you something different and bring Croatia to your home. For this Croatia vacation, you will not spend even a dime and still, you will be able to experience some things as the Croats do. We hope we have your full attention now.


1. Check out the Go Croatia video

Whether you are a fan of soccer or not, here is one reason for watching the video with Croatian football players who become extremely popular on the football World Cup in 2018. Beautiful nature, stunning landscape, crystal clear Adriatic Sea, tempting fresh food… in the video, you will see for yourselves that Croatia really does have it all.

2. There is no proper Croatia vacation without the delicious local food

As you probably know by so far, fresh, and healthy food is part of the lifestyle in Dalmatia (Southern Croatia). Locals are very proud of their food preparation process and they keep cooking secrets only to themselves. But you can be a part of it and learn how to prepare simple and delicious little doughnuts called fritule with few ingredients you probably already have at home.

Learn to make something sweet for your family. Thank us later 😊.

3. Listen to klape on your staycation

Klapa is one of the main Dalmatian trademarks. Today, you can rarely find a Dalmatian town that does not have its local klapa. The term stands for a singing group of 4 to 10 singers who sing local Dalmatian klapa songs. The special way of singing which klapa uses was inscribed in the UNESCO intangible heritage list in 2012.

The main characteristic of klapa is a cappella singing. Klapa developed several hundreds of years ago from spontaneous gatherings of groups of friends, who ended their wine-filled evenings with song. However, one key ingredient of true and authentic klapa song has remained the same throughout the centuries – it is never sung from the throat, but solely from one’s heart.

Enjoy in the video and tell us your thoughts.

4. There is always a right time for a cup of coffee

When in Croatia, you got to do some things like the locals do. Get ready for a taste of the extraordinary experience and…have a coffee. It sounds a bit disappointing, right? Not at all! Everything important in Croatia happens over a coffee. Job interviews, wedding announcements, dates, work breaks – everything involves a good cup of coffee.

There are numerous ways of getting your magic drink done, which depends on whether you prefer it with or without milk, strong or light, instant or decaffeinated. You will always get a glass of tap water (it is safe to drink in Croatia) and sugar.

The most important part is this – sit down, drink your coffee, and just relax on your Croatia vacation.

HOW TO PREPARE COFFEE IN A DZEZVA (COFFEE POT): To prepare one cup of coffee, pour 100 ml of cold water into the pot. When the water comes to the boil, remove it from the heat, and slowly stir in 7 g of coffee (about two heaping teaspoons) and stir well. Return the pot to the heat and gently heat until the foam rises. Remove from heat and leave 3 to 5 minutes for the coffee to settle. Before serving, lightly stir the foam.

5. It’s drink a clock!

It is Friday night, the working week is over… how about a happy hour? Just like in any other country, Croatian people have their beverage favorites. In Croatia you can find multiple choices of beers, wine, snaps… but above all, you must start with rakija.

One of the most popular sayings among Croatian people says if you haven’t tried homemade rakija, then you just haven’t tried rakija at all. Rakija can be made of almost anything in Croatia. For example, if you are curious about Istria, do not miss to try rakija made with honey. If you are thinking about Dubrovnik, the one mad with anise is a must. In Dalmatia, you’ll find rakija made with walnuts. Don’t be scared to try a few and see for yourselves which one is your favorite.

In case you did not know, you can drink alcohol in public in Croatia freely, but you must be older than 18 to purchase alcohol. The most common toast is „živjeli“.

Do you have some ideas in mind for your perfect staycation? Let us know in the comments below!

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