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What to do this summer in Milna on the Island of Brac?

Brac Island becomes one of the central places to visit when you are in Dalmatia. If you visit this Island you will definitely enjoy because there are plenty of things to do and see. Here we want to present all events in Milna during this summer. Milna is a beautiful and charming place on the Brac Island where you can completely relax and spend an unforgettable holiday with your family and friends. Explore Brac Island during your stay in one of our luxury villas with pool. Take a look at the event calendar this summer:


July 2018


10:00      Children’s Art Workshop, Our beautiful traditions


21:30      Folk Festa and Children’s Olimpics, Milna riva


21:00      The Eve of Mrduja-Exhibition, Sea World“ (till July 31st)


16:30       The Tugging of Mrduja – Final on the Sea

18:00        Winner Announcement, Brass Band, Olinta

22:30        Mrduja tugging 2018 Party, Žalo


23:30        Uzmah: Midnight Serenade Bobovišća n/m


19:30      Festivities of Bobovišća bay, mini football tournament

21:00       Uzmah: Masterclass final concert, prof. Joel Hoffman, composition, Milna, Cinema hall


August 2018



21:00       Exhibition: Unchangeable Milna, Asija Buković, Servantes gallery

22:00       Rock Concert Mosehammers, Žalo


19:00       Balote Tournament, Milna, Butordolac (till August 9th)


18:00        Kalaton, race through Milna’s cobbled stone streets, Milna riva

19:30         Finale of the mini football tournament, Bobovišća

22:00        Fjera – Day of Bobovišća n/m celebration


09:30        Brass band concert – Victory day, Milna

19:30         Balote Tournament, Bobovišća n/m

20:00        Stone on the Road, Children’s Puppet Show/ making balloon figures, Polaca


19:30          Children Mini football tournament, Bobovišća n/m


19:30          Children’s cross, Bobovišća

21:00          Klapa“ Cambi concert, Bobovišća n/m


21:00          Exhibition: Božan Štambuk (till August 14th), Milna, Servantes gallery


21:00          Final masterclass concert, prof. Anna Kandinskaya, violin, Milna, Church


21:00          Evening of „klapa“ music and local poetry, Ložišća


21:00          Final masterclass concert, prof. Natalia Gvozdetskaya, violin, Milna, Church


08:00          Workshop: Children circus skill (till August 18th), camp Gea Viva (Repeated at 18:30)

10:00           Milna local speech workshop

21:00           Play Servantes, Polaca



10:00          The eve of the assumption of Marry

21:00          Festa – Bobovišća

15th            The assumption of Mary, mass, and ceremony

19:00            Exhibition: Churches of the Island of Brac, Zejna Trebotić Kušeta, Servantes gallery

21:00            Concert Harpun Blues band, Riva


21:00           Final masterclass concert, prof.David Grigorijan, cello, Milna, Church

24th              Tin Ujević day, Milna, Polaca


21:00            Children’s „Balote“ Tournament, Butordolac


Other Brac Island Events

If you know of any other events happening on Brac Island in Summer 2018 that we haven’t mentioned get in touch and let us know. We’re sure other holiday makers to Brac would love to know about it.



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