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Renting Your Villa in Croatia with Orvas
20 Years of Experience

Orvas d.o.o. is a reputable Croatian company founded in 1992. In 2003 Orvas d.o.o. opened a new division and in a short time, we became specialists in luxury Croatian villas.

Worldwide Partners

We have been developing a business network of partners for many years, cooperating with more than 2000 agents around the world.

Travel Associations Membership

Membership in reputable travel associations is a symbol of our quality and trust. Orvas Villas is a proud member of: UHPA, ASTA and OMH.

Orvas Villas Properties

Orvas Villas offers a whole spectrum of different property types in its range, from exclusive and classic villas with pools to cosy houses and villas, in carefully selected locations throughout Croatia.

Exclusive Villas with Pools
Exclusive Villas with Pools
Classic Villas with Pools
Classic Villas with Pools
Cosy Houses and Villas
Cosy Houses and Villas
Team of Experts
Quality Marketing and Promotions

Quality presentation of your property using a wide range of marketing channels such as top travel and tourism websites, Orvas Villas websites, social media, best travel and tourism trade shows and conferences.

Professional Communication

Our sales team is on disposal 24/7 offering professional communication with guests and constant support for all requirements and wishes.

Market Research

Orvas Villas leading experts providing professional market research including price fluctuations, competition analysis and current tourism trends.

We work with top brands in the industry

Your proprety will be promoted on the best vacation rental sites including Booking.com, Expedia, Airbnb, HomeAway, Tripadvisor and many others.

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Social Media? Yes

As an active member of leading social media platforms, we build your property reputation and offer customer service.

Trust and Safety

Current trends reveal that most guests book their accommodation through travel agencies. The reason for this is a higher level of trust in the agencies which guarantee the quality of the villas they represent.



Orvas Villas general terms and conditions contain measures to protect the property owner in case of cancellations and damages.


Orvas Villas Management Packages
  1. Check-in
  2. Check-out
  3. Washing and cleaning
  4. Bedding
  5. Communication with guests during the stay
  6. Guest registration on eVisitor
  7. General cleaning of the pool once a week/shift
  8. Cleaning the pool twice a week during the guests’ stay
  9. Environmental and horticultural maintenance up to 250 sqm
  10. Minor repairs around the house (without materials)

PRICE (houses without pool): 400 EUR/shift

PRICE (houses with pool): 500 EUR/shift

  1. Washing and cleaning
  2. Bedding
  3. Check-in
  4. Check-out
  5. Communication with guests during the stay
  6. Guest registration on eVisitor

PRICE: 299 EUR/shift

  1. Check-in
  2. Check-out

PRICE: 80 EUR/shift

Orvas Villas Services
  1. Cleaning the pool (during the stay of guests) – up to 30 sqm – 20 EUR
  2. Cleaning the pool (during the stay of guests) over 30 sqm – 40 EUR
  3. General cleaning of the pool – up to 30 sqm – 40 EUR
  4. General cleaning of the pool – over 30 sqm – 80 EUR
  5. Landscaping up to 250 sqm – 20 EUR
  6. Landscaping 250 m2 – 500 sqm – 40 EUR
  7. Arranging the environment over 500 sqm – on request
  8. Procurement of equipment, cleaning products – 20 EUR / hour + price of the equipment + ferry tickets (if any)
  9. Opening of the house (up to 30 sqm pool and up to 250 sqm environment) – 170 EUR
  10. Opening of the house (over 30 sqm pool and over 250 sqm environment) – 350 EUR
  11. Closing the house (up to 30 sqm pool and up to 250 sqm environment) – 170 EUR
  12. Closing the house (over 30 sqm pool and over 250 sqm environment) – 350 EUR
  13. Monthly inspection of the facility during the winter (tour, report, photos) – 35 EUR (for facilities on Brač, Župa and the area from Trogir to Omis, for facilities in other areas the price is on request)
  14. Pool water testing – 100 EUR
  15. Testing of fire extinguishers and panic lamps – 40 EUR
  16. Rodent control and disinsection of the facility – price depending on the size of the facility
  17. Service and cleaning of air conditioners (price per indoor unit) – wall unit 30 EUR / floor unit 35 EUR
  1. Interior and exterior painting
  2. Craft works
  3. Preparing the house for the season
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