The Most Instagrammable Places - Best Places to Visit in Croatia

The Most Instagrammable Places - Best Places to Visit in Croatia

When visiting the desired destination, we all want to create beautiful photos to preserve as many details and beauties - we want to show the pictures from our trip to our loved ones and turn them into amazing memories. To save you time on research for the most instagrammable places, we will suggest the best places to visit in Croatia where no photo can turn out badly! Enchanting nature and perfect natural lighting are the solutions to all problems! With such conditions, even non-photogenicity becomes photogenic!


We will start our journey with the magnificent town of Rovinj.

The best photo spot in Rovinj is its northern port, but also you can take adorable and romantic photos in the old town. While you are in Rovinj, do not forget to pose at Grisia street - a beautiful street with cascading steps in the Old Town of Rovinj, Marshal Tito Square, or Limski Kanal - a 12 km long bay with a status of protected landscape.

Enjoy the beautiful summer evenings with the romantic atmosphere of this Istrian town. The starry sky, the sound of the sea, old city lanterns, and exceptional specialties will surely leave a significant impression on your visit to Rovinj.

Rovinj_town_Orvas_VillasRovinj town - one of the most instagrammable places in Croatia

Pula Arena

Next stop is one of the best-preserved Roman arenas in the world - amphitheatre Pula Arena. With four stair towers, it is the best-preserved and rare example of unique technical and technological solutions. It is also one of the most instagrammable places in Croatia. See for yourself!

Pula_Amphitheatre_CroatiaPula Amphitheatre - one of the best places to visit in Croatia

Rt Kamenjak

Get ready for a mind-blowing view at the stunning protected nature of southern Istria - Rt Kamenjak!

Only ten kilometres away from the city of Pula. For 10 euros per day, you can take a photo session at several breathtaking locations there! Each will be special and amazing, and you probably won't need any special effects! The turquoise blue and green colours of the Adriatic Sea will suit every photo! It is a significant part of Istria, which attracts visitors worldwide with its natural resources. And what about the coastal region that consists of more than 30 picturesque bays and 11 uninhabited islands together with the island of Poreč, where the lighthouse is located.

Can you imagine how amazing your pictures would look there?

Rt_Kamenjak_Pula_CroatiaRt Kamenjak - one of the most instagrammable places in Croatia

Plitvice Lakes

The breathtaking Plitvice Lakes National Park attracts thousands of people every day of the year!

Incredibly popular in every travel guidebook as a must-see, Plitvice Lakes will leave you speechless! Turquoise colors of the water, plenty of greenery, wooden planks, paved paths, boat rides, and serenity will show you why this is an unavoidable stop on your trip.

Don't forget to take a photo below the Great Waterfall, which is 78 meters high.

Plitvice_Lakes_CroatiaPlitvice Lakes - one of the best places to visit in Croatia

Krka River

Let's continue with the special charms and unique view of the waterfalls of National Park Krka!

The Krka River is 72.5 km long, and it springs in the foothills of the Dinara mountain. The most famous and largest waterfalls are Manojlovac 59.6 m, Miljacka (waterfall) 23.8 m, Roški waterfall 26.5 m, and Skradinski buk 45.7 m, below which the photos look simply perfect!

They are not only suitable for photography but also serve as refreshment on hot summer days; you can take a swim and make a picnic to remember the beautiful shores of the national park! Indeed is not common to relax so much in the jewels of national importance. Still, Croatia is unique in many ways, so this is one of the main specialties - careful use of the grace of our planet Earth.

Krka_Waterfalls_CroatiaKrka River - most instagrammable places in Croatia

Zrmanja Canyon

Something extraordinary is Zrmanja Canyon. It is a bit off the path, but still, its breathtaking view is world known!

Maybe you find it familiar? We'll give you a hint – Did you saw the movie “Winnetou”? An epic movie about a chief from the Apache tribe. If not, give it a try!

Zrmanja_River_CroatiaZrmanja canyon - most instagrammable places in Croatia


Definitely, a picturesque place that you must not miss is the beach Banj in Sibenik! The pebble city beach overlooking the old town will leave you speechless! Take your time and find out what makes Banj beach one of the best beaches in Croatia!

The Sibenik bridge across the Sibenik Bay on the Adriatic Highway, near the Krka River's confluence, is one of the most popular stops while riding through Dalmatia. The Sibenik bridge is one of the most important of our bridges because it contains a reinforced concrete arch, which is the first in the world to be made entirely by the cantilever, without scaffolding resting on the ground. Sometimes the resting point on your trip can be the primary source of inspiration! Also, its the place where you can try bungee jumping.

Sibenik_CroatiaSibenik - one of the best places to visit in Croatia

Marjanska Vidilica, Split

Split, Marjanska Vidilica – Although Split is a historical town well known for its ancient palace built around the year 300 by the Roman emperor Diocletian, there is a picture-perfect location on the Marjan hill! A marvellous place from where you can catch the whole town in your background!

You should climb to the very top of Marjan and do a photo session to remember! You can climb Marjan directly from Split's well-known waterfront! At one point, you are in the middle of hectic city life, while on the other side, you are already walking a peninsula of almost untouched nature.

Split_CroatiaSplit town - one of the most popular destinations to visit in Croatia


Gornja Podstrana is a picturesque and historical place and the highest inhabited area of today's municipality of Podstrana, Split area. One of the sights of this settlement is the church that was built back in 1779.

The highest and most prominent position has Bilo Peruna, with the highest peak Križ 533m. Numerous hiking, mountaineering, and cycling trails have enriched this heavenly location to the beauties of which more and more people are directed. With a great view of the sea, islands, Stobreč and Split, it relaxes and suits every adventurous soul.

Podstrana_CroatiaPodstrana - the highest peak

Biokovo Skywalk

Biokovo Skywalk, a horseshoe-shaped lookout outside the cliff with a glass walking surface called the Heavenly Promenade, is the newest attraction in our homeland Croatia.

Skywalk Biokovo is located in the southwestern part of the Biokovo Nature Park, at an altitude of 1228 meters above sea level. Besides, you can enjoy a unique view of other lookouts, such as the Trail at 897 meters and Štrbina at 1,338 meters, which offer views of the Makarska Riviera and islands.

This is definitely the most popular destination for taking selfies in the recent few months!

Vela Spila Cave, Korcula

Vela Spila cave is one more picture-perfect destination, located above the town of Vela Luka on the island of Korcula. It is located on the hill Pinski rat's slopes, at an altitude of about 130 meters. So many Instagram influencers discovered and recognized this natural creation and used it for their masterpiece. You can reach the cave by car or by walking. Most people recommend a walk because you will enjoy Mediterranean, aromatic and medicinal herbs to complete the overall experience. Something unique and unusual, practically memorable!

With a total area of 1100 m2, the ceiling is known for two large openings created by the natural collapse of the roof "Velo Zdrilo" and "Malo Zdrilo". Thanks to them, a significant amount of natural light reaches the cave and enables you to take incredible photos! This site is an important protected cultural asset because in this particular cave, one can observe the continuity of life from the Paleolithic to the present day. It s not always about „just taking the good photo“, sometimes you can mix knowledge and beauty to spread it as worlds exciting fact. A historical story „behind the scene“ will intrigue every age!

Korcula town

Hvar Town

We will not forget the island town with the sunniest hours in Europe! Hvar town!

One of the best instagram spots well known to everyone - Španjola Fortress and a colourful panoramic view of the old town of Hvar and the indented Croatian coast! The combination of natural colours will enchant you!

Green blue relaxing shades will help you better convey the meaning of a real vacation even to your Instagram friends.

Hvar_town_CroatiaHvar islands - the sunniest island in Croatia


In addition to natural beauties, Croatia is beautified by a rich history dating back to the 7th century. One of the world-famous attractions is the city of Dubrovnik and its significant city walls. A city that the whole world already knows as the main filming location in Croatia for King's Landing, the capital of the Seven Kingdoms in the TV show Game of Thrones.

There is one particular location in Dubrovnik where you want to take an exclusive selfy pic with the whole town in the background, and that Dubrovnik instagram spot is the top of Mount Srđ. You can get to Mount Srđ by car or catch Dubrovnik Cable Car, which station is located near the Old Town. The ride takes about 4 minutes.

Dubrovnik town - one of the best places to visit in Croatia

Although we have already mentioned Dubrovnik and singled out Srđ as an ideal Dubrovnik photography location, Pasjača Beach, Popovići is also one of the world-famous locations that take the breath away of its visitors! This narrow sandy-pebble belt of distinctive beauty is created in a hidden, inaccessible place in the Konavle, where rocks plummet into the Adriatic Sea. On the "Best Destinations in Europe" portal, it was named the best European beach in 2020.

As you can see, with our list of most instagrammable places in Croatia, we only scratched the surface of Croatian specialities and beauties. So many undiscovered bays, mountains, parks of nature, caves, countless attractions are all at your fingertips. Although Croatia is a small country, you will find your favourite among the best places to visit in Croatia. Let us know which one you chose!

Croatian_souvenirCroatian souvenir

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