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Whether you are coming to Croatia for the first time or have already been here, you know for sure that there are so many things to see here. Also, there are many places you would like to go to. The possibilities are numerous. The city you want to have on your must-visit list is Split. It is impossible to list everything you can enjoy in this city. One thing is for sure – it won’t disappoint you.

How to Get to Split?

The easiest option to get to Split is by plane. Split Airport (Resnik Airport) is located 20 km west of Split and is very well connected with many international destinations. From the airport, you can reach Split by a direct bus line, public transportation, taxi, rent-a-car or taxi-boat. If you decide to stay in one of the villas in Split, your host can also arrange a transfer from the airport.

If you are arriving in Split by car, you are most likely to reach by the highway. However, arriving by Adriatic motorway can be an exceptional experience. The ride is much slower, but the view of the sea, the islands and picturesque small towns through which you pass will provide you with unlimited pleasure.

Split is also well connected with bus lines and it is possible to reach it by train, as well. If you want to visit Split from one of the islands (or from Italy), this is no problem. You can choose between ferry, catamaran, taxi-boat or private boat rental.

Historical and Heritage Attractions

If you like history and nurturing heritage, you will surely enjoy a stroll in Split. The most significant monument is Diocletian’s Palace. Roman Emperor Diocletian built it around 300 AD. Its remains are part of the historic centre of Split. The exterior walls are mostly preserved. The gates of the palace are well maintained too, as well as some of the towers. The Diocletian’s Palace was listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1979.

UNESCO Diocletian Palace
Peristil in Diocletian Palace in Split, Croatia

Inside the Diocletian’s Palace, you have a lot to see and to visit – the Peristil, the Cathedral of Saint Domnius, Vestibul, the remains of several temples, the basements of the palace (accessible for guided tours) and more.

The bell tower of the Cathedral of Saint Domnius is impressive. Its construction lasted for three centuries (from the mid-13th to the mid-16th century) and the tower was thoroughly restored in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. If you are not afraid of heights, we sincerely recommend climbing the bell tower, because at the top there is a spectacular view of Split, the sea and the islands.

In addition to the Cathedral, in Split you can find many sacred buildings of various sizes and styles that tell their stories and lead you on a journey through history.

You have to take a walk through the waterfront – Riva and the squares and, like locals, enjoy in drinking coffee, talking and relaxing.

If you want to experience the (real) city spirit fully, you must visit the fish market – Pescaria and the outdoor market – Pazar.

City’s Natural Beauties

One of the most striking scenes of Split is hill Marjan. We can climb this beautiful nature park from the centre of Split. Marjan will give you peace, tranquillity and a breath of freshness on hot summer days. But also, an opportunity for recreation and fun. Additionally, from several vantage points, one can enjoy the view of Split and its surroundings.

In the city centre, you can also enjoy four parks – Sustipan, Strossmayer Park known as Djardin, Katalinica Brig and Emanuel Vidovic Park.

No matter what season you choose to come to Split, you should visit at least some of the city’s beaches. Or maybe all of them! Namely, from Marjan Hill you can walk along the sea to the eastern borders of the city and pass all the beaches.

Recreational and Sporting Opportunities

If you want an active vacation, Split will give you that. Thanks to the many beaches, sports fields and the hill Marjan, there are many opportunities for sports activities. You can enjoy the usual activities like walking, jogging, swimming or in some of the more demanding activities such as tennis, cycling, bowling or football. If you are looking for something even harder, you will find rocks ideal for free climbing. If the wind blows, some beaches are great for windsurfing. And you can also try the free fall from aeroplane. You can also try to learn something new. Picigin is an amateur sport played with a particular small ball in the shallows of sandy beaches.

And Much, Much More

Of course, all the above is not even close to everything Split has to offer. If you are an aficionado of food and drink, you will be delighted by the local gastronomic offer. Whether it is salty or sweet food, wine or brandy, Dalmatia has so much authentic to offer that you will certainly not be able to try everything. What might help you? Culinary tours, eno-gastro tours and cooking classes.

The city has a lot to offer to those who love cultural and music events, and everyone who loves nightlife will be pleased. If you are more interested in relaxing and pampering yourself while on vacation, you will be pleasantly surprised by the abundance and offer of beauty treatments, wellness and spa as well as shopping opportunities.

And that’s still not all! If you need advice, recommendation or help, we are here for you.

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