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Sibenik is a historical city in the middle of Dalmatia in Croatia. Mediterranean climate assures perfect weather conditions throughout whole year. The city and surroundings have a lot to offer no matter what kind of vacation you are for. There are many historical sights and buildings, different kind of attractions and natural beauties. Also, the city and its cathedral and fortresses appeared in the Game of Thrones – Season 5. Here is our proposal of what to do in Sibenik.

Visit Fortresses

Sibenik has even four fortresses! Three of them – St. Nicholas, St. John and Barone, are from the 16th and 17th century, while the forth – St. Michael’s Fortress, dates back from 11th century. Fortresses are host for many events, especially during summer time.

St. Michael’s Fortress

Šibenik is the oldest autochthonous Croatian town on the Adriatic and the St. Michael’s Fortress was the cornerstone of it. The fortress was built on a steep, rocky hill in 11th century. Most of the preserved parts are from Middle Ages. The fortress was restored in 2014 and today it has an open-air stage with fantastic panoramic views.

St. Nicholas Fortress

This fortress was built on the islet Ljuljevac, at the entrance to the St. Anthony’s Channel, in 16th century. It was the Venetians solution for defence against potential Ottomans attacks from the sea. The fortress is unique building since it has the look of an arrowhead. It’s inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2017. It is relatively well-preserved.

St. John’s Fortress

St. John’s Fortress was built in the first half of 17th century as the fear of Ottoman invasion was raising in less than two months. It has a star-shaped ground plan. The fortress is under revitalisation and, once the project come to the end, it will not be just a fortress with beautiful views (as it is now) but much more.

Barone Fortress

Barone fortress in Sibenik, Croatia - view from the air
Barone Fortress in Sibenik

The fortress was built in 17th century as part of defence from the Ottoman invasion. It’s named after Baron Christophe Martin von Degenfeld who was main commander and ordered its building. You can experience the way of life in those days in Sibenik thanks to the extended reality technology. Just hire AR glasses (at the ticket office). This fortress is perfectly positioned for enjoying in sunset.

Visit the Cathedral of St. James

The Cathedral was included on the UNESCO Cultural World Heritage List in 2000. It was built during the 15th and 16th century and, because of the length of building, in Gothic and Renaissance style. Whole cathedral is built of stone what makes it unique. The best known, and maybe the most pupal, part of it are sculptures of 71 heads on the outside part of the shrine made by Juraj Dalmatinac.

Enjoy in the Mediterranean Monastery Garden of St. Lawrence

This garden was a part of the St. Lawrence Monastery (there are still some remains standing) and was forgotten and neglected for hundred years. In 2007 it’s restored and opened. Although small it’s perfect place to rest and relax between your walking explorations and enjoy in smell of medicinal and spice plants.

Monastery Garden of St. Lawrence in Sibenik
Monastery Garden of St. Lawrence in Sibenik

But, it’s not all. In the town you will find many other attractions and sights worth of seeing and enjoying.

  • You must walk along the Sibenik promenade.
  • Explore the Old Town.
  • Visit some of the museums.
  • Walk or bike along walking trail in the St. Anthony’s Channel.
  • Enjoy on beach (within city or near it).

Enjoy in Falconry Centre

Eight kilometres from Sibenik, in small village Dubrava, you can find Falconry Centre. This centre, primarily, is rescue centre for birds of prey. But there is a special programme for visitors – you’ll see different birds of prey, enjoy in falcons’ fly, get an opportunity to be eye to eye with falcon and have 45 min of education. Centre is open for visitors from 01st of March till 31st of October.

Make One-day Visits

While you are in the Sibenik Riviera you must visit at least some of many attractions and natural beauties. Here are some ideas.

  • Visit Kornati National Park
  • Take a trip to Krka National Park
  • Visit he Dalmatian Ethno Village (a few kilometres south of Sibenik)
  • Explore and enjoy nearby islands – Prvic, Zlarin, Kaprije, Zirje…
  • Try dolphin watching
  • Etc.

There are so many things you can do and see. Maybe the best way is staying in private villa somewhere on Sibenik Riviera. You will have peace and privacy for relaxation and ideal position to visit Sibenik and all other attractions and beauties in the region.

If you have any question about what to do in Sibenik let us know and we’ll do our best to help.

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