Hvar has a rich heritage that has paved the way for it to become the cultural, beautiful island that it is today. With a long and colourful history, Hvar has many attractions and sights to see that hold centuries worth of history within their walls, making it the perfect place for your holiday in Croatia. Keep reading to discover what 4 of our favourite things to see on the island of Hvar are.

Hvar Lavender

Hvar is famous for many things and lavender is one of them, at one point Hvar accounted for 8% of the world’s total lavender oil. To best see the lavender when it is bloom you should go in June and definitely before the end of July. You can walk through the fields surrounded by the fragrant and beautiful herb, even picking up your own bottle of Hvar lavender oil to take home with you after your Hvar holiday.

Hvar Town Fortica Fortress

You can read more about the history of Hvar on our Hvar page and read how this fortress defended the town of Hvar in the 16th century. Today, the fort is home to many artefacts and exhibits to represent those ancient times and the many rulings that Hvar had. The top of the Fortica offers an amazing view over Hvar and viewing it at sunset is highly recommended. Take a drink or picnic up there and watch the sun settle over the beautiful Adriatic Sea.Island Hvar in Croatia

Franciscan Monastery

The Franciscan Monastery resides in Hvar town and is an easy stroll from Hvar square. It is along the seafront and within it you can view the historic displays within the museum such as paintings, manuscripts and old coins, dating back from its creation in 1461.  The monastery itself is calm and silent, representing the peaceful lives that resided within its walls. Make sure to visit the chapel and the grounds, both rich with history and atmosphere.

Tvrdalj Castletvrdalj petra hektorovića

This is the castle of famous poet Petar Hektorović and is located in the historic town of Stari Grad. It was built in the 15th century and was said to be fortified to protect the locals against the Turks. As well as being fortified, it has been well preserved and many of the original engravings and features can still be seen. The inscriptions on the walls are both Latin and Croatian and hold beautiful meanings. One on the north side of the fishpond reads “Remember what will come after”. Also, on a plaque on the wall under the arcade by the fishpond reads “How beautiful faith and truth are!”. For a spiritual, historical experience Tvrjalj is truly something you should visit.

We’ve only mentioned four things here, but there is plenty more to see whilst on your Hvar holiday. It is a beautiful island with a rich climate and friendly locals. Make sure to check out our Hvar villas pages and find the perfect Croatia break for you!


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