Things to Do on the Brac Island

Things to Do on the Brac Island

If you decided to visit Brac, you are not going to regret. Contrary, you are going to be pleasantly surprised with its size, nature, history, gastronomy and everything else. There are so many things to do on Brac Island that it’s simply impossible to do and see everything during one vacation. Especially if you want to have time to relax and enjoy. So, you’ll have to come back.

Why to Visit Island of Brac?

We already wrote about 5 reasons to visit Brac:

  • Zlatni rat (Golden Horn) Beach – the best-known Croatian beach often listed as one of the best beaches in Europe,
  • Vidova gora – the highest peak of all Croatian islands from which you will enjoy in stunning view,
  • The history – many historic and religious sites,
  • Olive oil – growing of olives and producing of olive oil have centuries old tradition on Brac Island,
  • The white stone – built in many well-known world buildings. You can visit the school and the museum of stonemasonry in Pucisca.

Now, we will introduce to you some more things to do during your Brac holidays.

Visit the Hermitage BlacaHermitage Blaca on Brac Island in Croatia

Back in 1551 Glagolitic monks established settlement and in 1570 started to build hermitic monastery. Everything is carved into the cliffs. Today, it is a museum since the last monk who lived there died in 1963. It’s full of original furniture you will not see anywhere else. Its library has over 10000 manuscripts and books. There is, also, an observatory with the third most powerful telescope in Croatia. If you decide to visit the Hermitage Blaca, getting there is going to be experience for itself. You’ll have to hike 2.5 - 3 km from inland or from cove Blaca. Make sure to have good walking shoes. It’s, unquestionably, worth of seeing.

Try a Local Food and Drinks

While on the Brac you must try local cheese, prosciutto, jam, bread, olive oil, sherry, brandy, wine and all seafood. But, beside everything mentioned there is one must try – Brac lamb. Those lambs did not eat grass at all, only mothers’ milk. This delicacy is well-know and valued. Although you can try everything in restaurants, taverns and wineries, we recommend you ask around and by some directly from local producers. Many households make some or all of those for themselves and will sell to you the same product they eat and drink. Also, you can enjoy in walking and gourmet trail "Dolcevita" or pedestrian trail "Maslinovi puti" (roads of olives).

Take Part in Local Feast Days

Each town on the Brac island, as well as in whole Croatia, has its own feast day when honouring local patron. On those days there are many religious (usually a mass with procession) and cultural events accompanied with entertainment and regale. So, if you are looking up for things to do on Brac, find out if there is any feast during your stay and make sure to take part in it. Some of feasts dates are:

  • Milna - feast day of Lady of Mount Carmel (16th of July)
  • Sutivan – feast of St. Roch (16th of August)
  • Bol – feast of Lady of Snow (05th of August)
  • Supetar - feast of St. Peter (29th of June)

There are many fishermen’s feasts, as well, when you can enjoy in seafood and wine. Talk to locals to find out if there is any and where it is.

One of Popular Things to Do on Brac is Cycling

Map of cycling trails - one of the things to do on the Brac Island - CroatiaCycling is popular on the island and you’ll easily find a bike to hire. There are 25 arranged cycling trails. Starting points are from different towns, and there are lengths and difficulties sutable for all categories of cyclists. This could be a perfect activity if you are on your holiday with your dog. If you are ambitious cyclist, you can go by the longest trail of St. Jure, 180.13 kilometres, which connects whole island. Trail of St. Jelena (from Supetar) isn’t too long, 29.5 km, but is quite demanding track as well as track Via Brachia (starts in Selca but goes through Sumartin so you can start it from there as well), which is 36.7 kilometres long, including 25.8 km of macadam road. If you are looking for easier and more enjoyable route take St. Lovre track (starts in Supetar). Although 27.6 km long it’s suitable for all categories of cyclists. You’ll love the part that takes you along the sea and offer you a possibility to take a brake on a sandy beach. Or take 14.7 km long family friendly route St. Roko. It connects Supetar and Sutivan and follows seashore almost all the time. Boris Johnson, former Mayor of London, raised popularity of cycling on Brac. He had cycling holidays on Brac Island and said: “We have all been cycling around in the neighbourhood of Sutivan and its been very safe, absolutely beautiful, food is superb, and I cannot recommend it too highly.”

Many Other Things to Do on Brac

Besides all mentioned activities ther are many more things to do and see while on Brac Island, like:

  • Explore the Museum of the Brac Island in Skrip, as well as whole town,
  • Take a boat cruise around the Brac,
  • Visit the Early Christian Basilica in Povlja,
  • Go to scuba-diving,
  • See the Church of St. Peter with pine on the roof in Nerezisca,
  • Try some water-sport like windsurfing, kiteboarding, sea kayaking,
  • Visit the Dragons’ Cave,
  • Take a fishing tour.

The Perfect Way to Spend Brac Holidays

If you want to have an absolute freedom and completely relaxed holiday the best way is to stay in private villa with pool in some of coastal or inland towns. It will give you peace and tranquillity and you can pick the best possible position taking in consideration all things you want to do. Let us know if you have any question. We will be happy to help you with planning yours holidays on Brac Croatia villa rental. Once you come, we are sure, you will come back.