You’ve decided to go to choose Croatia as your villa holiday destination, the next step is to choose the right accommodation for your holiday. Villas in Croatia are the ideal choice for holiday accommodation, they offer privacy, freedom and ample space to relax and unwind. With our wide range of Villas in Croatia here at Orvas, it can be hard to know where to start. We can help you to find the perfect villa in Croatia just for you.

Choose Your Destination

Orvas Villas offer hand-selected villas across a number of Croatian cities and islands including Dubrovnik, Split and Brac Island. You can choose a villa right in the heart of the action, where you have easy access to the bustling cities and activities or you can choose a villa further away which can provide the utmost privacy and tranquillity.

Dubrovnik is a highly popular tourist destination due to the famous Dubrovnik Old Town and the historic cobbled streets. Split is growing in popularity with younger visitors due to a thriving nightlife and abundance of entertainment options. Brac and Hvar Island are growing in popularity, the island offering crystal clear waters surrounding and freshly caught seafood which is expertly prepared. Wherever you choose to visit in Croatia, you will be secure with things to do.

Villas in Croatia for Families and Friends

With villas and apartments ranging from single rooms to enough room for 20 guests, Orvas Villas can provide you with the right size villa for your party. If you are travelling with young children, we can offer villas with ample pool space and even outdoor play areas and indoor soft areas to entertain the children during your holiday. The fitness junkie in your party may want a gym located in your villa whilst the spa fan might seek saunas and spa areas. All of these requirements can be met and more.

What Do You Want From Your Villa Holiday?

Some people want to use their holiday villa as nothing more than a base where they can come back to after a long, fun-filled day of exploring Croatia. Whilst others will spend most of their time enjoying the Mediterranean sun from the comfort of their holiday home. Those who want to spend most of their time in the villa will want it to have everything they could need including outdoor barbeques, dining areas and even a bar area. Those seeking luxury dining can seek a chef to make them a fantastic, local meal.

Whatever type of villa or holiday you are after, we can provide here at Orvas Villas. Our friendly, helpful staff are on hand throughout your holiday to make sure that it’s as comfortable and as enjoyable as possible. Whether this is with help on local excursions, car hire or enquiries on massages during your villa stay. Contact us today and let us help you book the villa of your dreams.

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