Destination wedding - villas in Croatia on mainland

Destination wedding - villas in Croatia on mainland

Either for ourselves, for our girlfriends, or our relatives, we all did it at least once! We all took part somehow in organizing a wedding. Just like the real-estate business, so are the weddings about location, location, location, and finding an adequate one may be as hard as finding a significant other… As the leading expert in luxury villas in Croatia, we’re here to present you with an idea for a wedding in a luxury villa in Croatia. Whether you’re dreaming of hosting your wedding in an ultimately exclusive location, or a dreamy and romantic setting, our villas are the best choice for you. We’ve rounded up some of the soothing villas across the Croatian mainland for your big day. Once the destination is chosen, we’ll connect you with the local wedding organizer. Get in touch with us and find out more!


Peaceful location not too far from the city life, yet far enough to charge your batteries? Place where you can enjoy a cup of coffee looking at the mountain slopes and a vineyard? Place where there’s almost no traffic to interrupt the bird song? Yes, that place does exist and that’s exactly where our villa Jure is, beautiful Nature Par Biokovo. The villa accommodates 8 persons in 4 bedrooms, and its outdoor space is perfect to host an intimate wedding with up to 35 invitees. The outdoor space has a few independent levels and each of them can be used to host different parts of the wedding from the welcome reception to the ceremony and dinner with after-celebration. Five minutes away from villa Jure, there are 2 other villas next to each other which accommodate all together 16 persons. Is there a better way to thank your closest friends and family for being there for you than complimenting them with accommodation in this serene peace of heaven? Contact us for all the details!


If you wish to spend a vacation on a very private and secluded property that is not far away from the beaches and city life, Ojdana is the right choice for you. Only a few kilometers away from Trogir on the foot of mountain Kozjak, the villa is situated on a big property surrounded by olive and almond trees and other Mediterranean vegetation. The villa accommodates 12 persons and due to its large property, it is suited to host a wedding of max up to 120 invitees.


The modern, luxury Orvas villa 91 is situated on a large property of 1500 m2 surrounded by pine trees. The villa is designed for a luxurious and relaxing vacation with a lot of amenities to enrich your stay. Due to its position in Kaštela, this villa is a perfect base to explore Split, Trogir, and the rest of the middle Dalmatia. In this property, you can arrange a wedding for up to 50 invitees.


If you have ever dreamt about a small, intimate wedding, Orvas villa 1 is the right choice for you. This beautiful property is situated in a small settlement Stanici near the town of Omis on a large property with the most beautiful view of the sea. It accommodates 10 people. Since the villa is situated on the hill, the view of the sea during the sunset is incredibly romantic and perfect to celebrate your big day with your closest invitees. In this amazing villa, it is not important if the wedding is held inside or outside – with either of these options you can’t go wrong.


Yes, we know! You have imagined yourself standing in front of a gorgeous villa right beside the big infinity pool looking at the sea in front of you during the colorful sunset. You don’t know where this dream took place? Do not worry, we know! It was right here at the amazing Orvas villa 104. The property is situated in Brela on Makarska riviera and it accommodates up to 20 persons. Besides the spacious accommodation, here you can arrange the celebration of your big day for up to 30 guests.


It is a luxury to be situated in a villa that is so close to the center of Split, yet so secluded and private. Orvas Villa 49 is situated in the most exclusive part of Split, right on the foot of Marjan hill on the coast of Split. This luxurious villa was built 100 years ago and has hosted many events, so why not put your wedding on the extensive event list? Here you can arrange a luxurious wedding for 25 guests. Memorable villa a memorable day.


This beautifully designed villa represents a true gem of Mediterranean architecture situated in the charming town of Primošten only 20 m away from the nearest beach. The stone walls of the villa, spacious terrace overlooking the turquoise Adriatic Sea, pines around the villa, and beautiful interior invite you not only to spend your vacation here but also to organize your special day. In Orvas villa 3, you can host a wedding event for 25 guests.


Luxury Orvas Villa 57 is situated in the small town of Trsteno close to the true gem of the Adriatic coast, the town of Dubrovnik. This very interesting villa combines different styles, but its real highlight is the outdoor space which extends over 1 500 m2. Two spacious terraces are surrounded by a beautiful garden and offer you the most spectacular view of the open sea. This luxury and the unique villa can host weddings of up to 50 guests.


On the Eastern side of the Istrian peninsula, there is a unique, medieval town called Labin. Known as the town of the artists, Labin is home to many galleries, studios, an open-air sculpture park, and home the beautiful Orvas villa 107. This luxury villa accommodates up to 8 guests offering them a little bit over 160 m2 of living area. Being situated in the town of art, the property also gives an homage to art with its pathway decorated with stone Glagolitic letters. In this amazing villa, you can host a wedding with up to 20 guests.


Right at the entrance to the beautiful town of Dubrovnik, there is a small piece of heaven characterized by extreme natural beauty called Lozica. Besides natural beauties, Lozica hides a true architectural gem – our beautiful Orvas villa 119. The whole villa is designed for relaxation and its spaces are suitable for socializing. Let us help you organize the celebration of your big day for 35 guests.


Orvas villa 69 guarantees you the most spectacular views of the sea, the marina close by, and the source of the river Ombla. The villa is surrounded by lush Mediterranean vegetation and is the perfect location for those who wish to enjoy the peace while enjoying the beautiful views and magical Dubrovnik sunsets. This is an ideal place to celebrate the beginning of a new era in your life with 30 guests.

ORVAS VILLA 25, 26 & 27

You would like to host a wedding in a beautiful villa, but also have your invitees close to you before, during, and after the event? With our beautiful Orvas villas 25, 26, and 27, that is possible! These beautiful, modern yet elegant properties are situated on Čiovo island, only a few steps away from the town of Trogir. The villas can accommodate between 11 and 14 guests, and they are suitable for hosting wedding parties of up to 35 guests.


Our stunning villa Luciana is situated in the beautiful Zaton bay only 10 km away from the center of Dubrovnik. The villa was originally built in the 15th century and during the centuries it was used as a summer residence by many aristocrats. Recently the villa was redecorated in cooperation with conservation and renovation experts who guaranteed the preservation of the historic ambiance. In this truly unique villa, you can arrange a wedding with 50 guests.


Orvas villa 130 is all about so many small details which invite you not only to spend your vacation in it but also to host a wedding. This villa is situated less than a kilometer away from the UNESCO protected town of Dubrovnik. To its guests, the villa offers an idyllic view of the old town of Dubrovnik from its rich interior and spacious exterior. Weddings of up to 25 guests are welcome.

ORVAS VILLA 131, 132, 133, 134, 135, 136, 137

In the very charming and picturesque town of Primošten, there is a group of 7 properties next to each other. These beautiful and modern villas designed to accommodate between 6 and 8 guests represent a form of a private resort. In each of the villas, a wedding of up to 40 invitees can be organized. Besides the celebration, you can have all your guests stay at the same place.


This charming Dalmatian villa with a private pool is situated directly by the sea on Čiovo island, only five kilometers away from the center of Trogir, but still secluded and private enough. This villa can accommodate 9 guests and due to its position directly at the sea, it is the ideal place for a casual and relaxing wedding party of up to 30 guests.


Sound of the waves, pine trees, sunset? Say yes to our Orvas villa 169! This modern villa is situated on a cliff overlooking the Adriatic Sea on Čiovo island few kilometres away from the town of Trogir. The property accommodates 10 guests and is suitable for wedding up to 50 guests.


Orvas villa 175 is situated close to the town of Pula in the small village of Rakalj. This elegant villa is on a 1000 m2 big property and is surrounded by lush vegetation with great views of the Istrian hills. The villa accommodates 8 guests and is suitable for weddings of up to 30 invitees. Spoil yourself and your guests in the luxurious Orvas villa 175.

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