Pet Friendly Accommodation On The Beach

Pet Friendly Accommodation On The Beach

Your pet is a member of your family and, for sure, you don't want to be apart from your best friend. So, when it comes to planning a holiday you want to bring your pet on vacation with you. First thing you need to be sure of is that your destination is pet friendly. Croatia is perfect holiday destination to share your vacation with your pet, whether you prefer an active or relaxing vacation. You can swim in clear Adriatic Sea or enjoy in beautiful, coastal and inland, nature.

Things to Think About in Advance

Although planning holidays with your pet is not a rocket science there are some things you need to consider in advance. If you want to have worry-free vacation you need to:

  • check with your vet that your pet is healthy for travel,
  • inform yourself about all requirements for entering your destination country as well as countries you will have to travel through,
  • make sure that you have all necessary pharmaceuticals (special medications, if needed, as well as those for travel sickness or diarrhea and first aid kit for your pet),
  • bring all needed equipment for your pet like: collar, leash, blankets and towels, toys, sun protection cream etc.,
  • prepare and have with you all the time important numbers and addresses such as: local veterinarians and vet clinic and contact data for your pet insurance,
  • find pet friendly accommodation on the beach.

Croatia Entry Formalities for Your Pets

There are rules you must follow when bringing a pet abroad which depending on the country you're going to as well as on the country you are coming from. Entry into Croatian territory is governed by the rules applied in the European Union. But, each member state may independently decide upon their own regulations. Here are main requirements for non-commercial movement of pet animals in Croatia.

  • Your pet must have passport and/or veterinary certificate.
  • He needs to be vaccinated against rabies at least 21 days before entering Croatia. You must have a vaccination certificate to prove it. Kittens and puppies may not be vaccinated against rabies before an age of 12 weeks.
  • Your pet must be identifiable via a microchip and it needs to be implanted before the rabies vaccination.

The requirements are not the same for all countries. There are differences depending on whether you come from EU country, non-EU country listed as low-risk for rabies or non-EU country listed as high-risk rabies country. Veterinary Office is in charge for pets entering in Croatia and you can find detailed information on their website. There are some additional requirements for the entry of restricted breeds (dangerous dogs) into Croatia as well as some other regulations. You can check everything with the Ministry of Agriculture. If, at the entry to Croatia, you do not meet the requirements entry of your pet can be denied, or your pet will be returned to country of origin or placed in quarantine.

Pet Friendly Accommodation On The Beach

Besides entry formalities, you need to check practical details related to accommodation. Croatia has many pet friendly accommodation on the beach options – hotels, private villas and houses, apartments, campsites. Some of them charge extra cleaning fee for pets while others don’t. When you choose where you want to stay it would be a good idea to check whit facility can you bring your pet. Some of the pet friendly places to stay can still have restrictions based on breeds. Private villas and houses are the best option, especially for holidays in Dalmatia, due to more space and privacy. Even if you want to stay within coastal towns you can find private villas with backyard for your pet.

Villa Vjeka_Pet Friendly Accomodation on the Beach

Villa Rasotica, Sumartin, Brac Island

Villa Rasotica on Brac Island_

Villa Mir Vami, Sumartin, Brac Island

Villa Mir Vami on Brac Island_Pet friendly accomodation on the beach

Villa Bonaca, Sumartin, Brac Island

Villa Bonaca on Brac Island_Pet friendly accomodation on the beach

Villa Makarac, Milna, Brac Island

Villa Makarac in Milna_Pet friendly accomodation on the beach

Villa Dubrava, Pucisca, Brac Island

Villa Dubrava in Pucisca_Pet friendly accomodation on the beach

Villa Mare, Hvar, Hvar Island

Villa Mare on Hvar Islanda_ Pet friendly accommodation on the beach

Dog Friendly Beaches

If your pet is a dog you'll want to go to the beach, especially if your dog loves swimming. But, how to know where you can take your dog? On some websites you can find lists of beaches which allow dogs, but those lists are not complete. In Croatia there are few different scenarios how to recognize whether beach is dog friendly.

  • There are some “dog beaches”, reserved for people with their dogs. Here your dog can enjoy without anybody getting upset. This kind of beach will have a clear sign.
  • Then again, there are beaches with sign that dogs are not allowed. It’s case with all Blue flag beaches.
  • You’ll find isolated coves, secluded beaches or wild places in nature without any sign. Usually, on those places, nobody will have problem with your dog. However, it’s polite to ask if it’s ok.
  • The most accurate way to discover if beach is a dog friendly is to ask locals.

While on the beach keep in mind safety and wellbeing of your pet. Bring with yourself parasol or go somewhere with a lot of a shade. Always have a plenty of water because heat can be very dangerous. Also bring sunscreen, to protect your best friend from sunburns, and some toys so he can play while on the beach.

Final Thoughts and Advices

  • Pets food, accessories and care products are available at pet and grocery stores.
  • Veterinary offices you will find in cities all over Croatia.
  • The most national and natural parks accept pets if they are on the leash.
  • In general, pets are accepted on the terraces of cafes and restaurants. Of course, you should pay attention if there is a sign about it or ask before you enter.
  • Bakeries and supermarkets do not allow pets.
  • Always keep your pet on the leash and have enough poop disposal begs.

Take your pat with you on your holidays in Croatia, your four-legged friend is welcome! If you want to save some time, which you would spend on finding appropriate dog friendly accommodation, let us know what you are interested in and we will find it for you and your pet.

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