Top 5 Reasons To Choose Villa Holidays Over Hotels

Top 5 Reasons To Choose Villa Holidays Over Hotels

Why Choose Villa Holidays?

When looking for your Summer 2019 holiday it is easy to jump straight for a package holiday at a resort. This is how we have arranged our holidays for decades and it seems natural now. Many holiday makers don’t realise there are a range of advantages to taking villa holidays over hotel room stays.

Villa Holidays are Cheaper!

Despite what you may believe, Villa Holidays can be much cheaper than all inclusive alternatives. Most villas cater for large numbers comfortably, meaning there is more scope to spread the cost per person opposed to hotel holidays. Plus, new research from The Post Office Travel Moneyhas found that from 2000 holiday makers surveyed, 82% spent an additional £140.00 per week on an “all-inclusive holiday” This was found to add up to of 21% to their holiday cost. Villa Martinis - Sibenik - Sleeps up to 15 Guests Orvas Villas- Villa Martinis in Rogoznica Villa Martinis

Do What You Want, When You Want

Was last night a late one? You really want to stay in bed for an extra hour or two. In a hotel you can’t stay in bed because breakfast finishes at 10:30. Stay in a villa, not only can you get up when you like, there is guaranteed to be food left for breakfast when you do. The same applies for any other meal, queue for the bar or any other amenity.

villas in hvar croatia Villa Liza - Hvar Island

Villas Have Private Pools

Everyone knows the struggle of getting up at 6:30 am to put a towel on the perfect sunbed around the pool before another hotel guest takes it. With a villa holiday this worry is no more. Get up whenever you like and walk out to your own private pool and pick whichever sunlounger you want. This isn’t just limited to the pool. Many of our luxury Croatian Villas have saunas, gyms and other relaxing additions to make sure you enjoy your stay. We think these moments are far better in a private holiday villa than shared with the rest of your hotel.

villas in hvar croatia Villa Luciana - Villa in Dubrovnik With a Private Pool

Family Friendly Holiday Villas

Going on holiday when you have kids can be more stressful than staying at home but this is much easier when staying in a private villa. Take away the worry of finding your little fussy eater something to eat three times a day, just make them what they like in your fully equipped kitchen. Let them play in the secure surroundings of the villa with your own private gardens and pool area.

Villa Mermaid - Family Friendly Villas

Enjoy The Space

Unless you splash the cash on an extravagant suite at a hotel, the space you get for your money can be quite limited. Even for just two people, standard hotel rooms can be small and containing. When you rent a holiday villa for the week you are not limited to just one room. Almost all our Croatian Villas come with spacious lounge areas both inside and out, multiple bedrooms and enough space for everyone to have five minutes alone.

Villa Greta - Split Riviera As a Villa Holidays specialists we hope to have given you everything you need to seek out a Villa Holiday for your next getaway. If you need more information on any of our luxury Croatian Villas don't hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team.